Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Born Ruffians Interview

After their recent performance at London Field Day on the 6th August Born Ruffians took some time out of their recent tour schedule to answer a few questions for me.

Below is the transcript.

Questions for Born Ruffians

Q. ‘Hummingbird’ is one of your most popular songs among fans as well as part of your live shows. What inspired that song?

A. Actually this song took a fairly long time to write. It was written around the main baseline and I think that inspired most of the feeling of the song. It went through so many different stages and changes that it was extremely relieving when we finally hit a version that worked. Sometimes it still feels strange that it has become our most popular song.

Q. How do UK and European shows differ from US and Canadian festivals?

A. I’ve never been to a US or Canadian festival where people wore costumes like some of the UK festivals

Q. Are there any other bands/artists you’re looking forward to seeing while at Field Day?

A. Kieran Hebden and Omar Souleyman

Q. What music do you all listen to? Any outside of your normal indie/alt guidelines?

A. I listen to a lot of rap music which I suppose is outside those guidelines. I always have been a fan.

Q. Back in April your song ‘Little Garcon’ appeared in an American Express commercial and ‘Hummingbird’ was used for a cell phone commercial here also. Do you think this is part and parcel of the promotional package these days or do you think some products would be seen as ‘too far’ and possibly “selling out”?

A. That’s a tough question. I definitely don’t think people see doing an ad as selling out anymore and almost every band I know with any amount of success has been in an ad or two. The stigma is gone BUT I’m sure there are still a few products that could turn your fanbase against you. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any realistic ones (maybe McDonalds? I feel like it still has a pretty cheesy stigma) or if there was a company advertising weapons grade plutonium or something.

Q. As artists on Warp records you included two Aphex Twin songs for the Warp20 (recreated) compilation, are Aphex Twin an influence on the band or was it just a chance to try something different?

A. No it was just a chance to try and cover the most influential electronic artist on Warp because we are seen as one of the most “rock” bands on Warp so we thought it would be a funny contrast.

Q. What’s next for the band?

A. We are in the process of writing the next record.

Q. Are there any up and coming bands you are listening to?

A. In the UK I like an artist named Josh Weller (he’s already been in the charts I think so I guess that is more than up and coming). From Canada, Young Rival are a great band.

many thanks to Leila Hebden and Born Ruffians

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